Fabric Wristbands are a Trendy, Comfortable Choice

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Fabric wristbands are becoming a popular choice for major, multi-day music festivals like The Hangout Music Festival and the Ottawa Blues Fest. When patrons are wearing a wristband for an extended period of time – comfort is a must.  Plus, fabric wristbands do not deteriorate over time, like disposable wristbands often do, serving as a fun and colorful memento for festival attendees.

Woven material wristbands can be used for RFID and crowd control applications. A small, plastic slider with an RFID chip can easily be added to a fabric wristband, serving as an entrance ticket and wrist wallet, all in one! Guests can load money onto woven fabric wristbands to make cashless purchases, and even check-in on Facebook and Twitter via RFID wristband technology! These wristbands work well for non-RFID purposes as well, because their unique appearance and complete customization options make counterfeiting nearly impossible. You can even add a bar code to a woven wristband for increased security.

Water and amusement parks are also taking a dip into the woven wristband trend. Disposable wristbands with an adhesive closure may lose their sealing strength after being immersed in water for several hours, such as in a wave pool or lazy river type of ride. This leads to unidentified guests and a higher occurrence of litter throughout your facility. With fabric wristbands, you don’t have to worry about lost wristbands clogging your drains or getting stuck in water filters.

There are multiple types of fabric and woven wristbands on the market. Some feature plastic closures, and others are stretchy and elastic, made to fit tightly around the wrist without the need for a closure. All of them are water-resistant and customizable, serving as an excellent branding tool for venues and events.

Teenagers often wear fabric wristbands for weeks or even months on end as a bragging right. Think of the wristbands as mini billboards on hundreds or even thousands of wrists, advertising your brand for free. Fabric wristbands often turn into conversation starters, especially one-of-a-kind fabric wristbands that are bright and eye catching.

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