5 Ways Wristbands Help Save Time and Revenue for Spring Break Destinations

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Spring break is a busy season for popular destination spots like resorts, hotels, beach communities and more. Using an inexpensive identification aid like wristbands, can help these types of venues control access and protect their valuable revenue. Some spring break wristband applications include:

There are a wide assortment of stock design and custom wristbands available constructed with a variety of materials and closure types for spring break. If you are a resort, beach or hotel, consider using water-resistant wristbands. If your business is a bar or venue that serves alcohol, tamper-evident or age verification wristbands are a must have.

Who Benefits from Using Spring Break Wristbands?

College students often tend to migrate toward the beach during their long-awaited spring break. However, young people who do not live near the coastline may find a mountain resort better suited to their geographical location. Facilities located in both types of regions can use wristbands to easily track and identify spring breakers.

Types of Spring Break Wristbands

Many of these wristbands feature a one-time locking snap closure, which is ideal for multiple-day use such as a week-long spring break vacation. Water-resistant wristbands can be customized with logos, dates, sponsorship information – even full-color photography! Custom wristbands can help reduce and deter counterfeit wristbands from entering a venue, which helps keep unidentified or non-paid guests from party crashing or using services free of charge.

Areas to Identify Guests

Depending on your needs, you may want to issue just one wristband that a guest can wear for their entire stay, or you may wish to give guests new wristbands of a different design or color every day of their vacation. If your facility is more of an open setting and you are concerned that individuals who have not paid may easily sneak in, you may want to opt for a higher-security option and pass out different colored, or customized wristbands daily. If a patron wearing an orange wristband tries to come on to your property when everyone else is wearing purple wristbands, it will be very easy to spot unwelcomed guests.

Age Identification When Serving Alcohol

Some areas of your resort or hotel may only be strictly available to adults who must be 21-years-old to enter. You can have two different styles of wristbands for guests who are under 21 and over 21. This will give your bartenders peace of mind that they are not serving underage guests. You can also use bar code wristbands or RFID wristbands to charge food and beverage purchases to a guest’s hotel room so they do not have to carry around a wallet or cash.

When Should I Order my Spring Break Wristbands?

Stock design wristbands and custom wristbands have different lead times, so be sure to check with your provider to ensure the wristbands you want will arrive on time for spring break. Custom wristbands take longer to arrive, so be sure to order in advance. Stock wristbands normally ship out the very next business day after ordering, so if you are in a rush, order pre-designed stock wristbands for a custom look without enduring the wait time of a custom order.

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