Don’t Depend on Luck Alone to Properly Identify Your Patrons

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St. Patrick’s Day is a fun and festive celebration that has been recognized for centuries, beginning in Ireland and eventually spreading throughout all of western civilization. For adults, St. Patrick’s Day means a night out to enjoy imported beer and the company of friends at a local pub or bar. And for kids, it’s an exciting day to dress up in green (for fear of getting pinched) and enjoy schoolyard parties and activities.


If you are a bar or pub owner, you may consider stocking up on green and gold Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, or silicone wristbands to prepare for your busy night. You’re likely to experience larger than normal crowds, especially if the holiday follows on a weekend. If your venue allows guests of all ages, it’s important to verify the ages of all your guests at the front door. A quick and simple way you can ensure only legal-aged guests are purchasing alcohol is issuing plastic or vinyl wristbands, with one-time locking snaps, as patrons enter your establishment. These types of secure wristbands help prevent transfer among patrons, helping to protect your staff from mistakenly serving an underage guest.

For added fun at your bar on St. Patrick’s Day, put a small amount of green food dye in all of your on-tap beer and add a green garnish, like parsley or mint leaves, to all off the dishes that are served that evening. And for easy food and beverage redemption, you can order wristbands with three, four, or five pull-off tabs. When patrons arrive, charge them $8 per tab and allow the tabs to be redeemed interchangeably for both food and drinks.


St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated in schools, as it is exciting for children to build leprechaun traps, dress up in green outfits and accessories, and learn about traditional Irish meals like corned beef hash and cabbage. There are lots of fun ways to teach children about the history and culture associated with St. Patrick’s Day, and wristbands can help ensure children are safe and identified during schoolyard and field trip activities.

Elementary schools are also well-known for their large St. Patrick’s Day parties. Plan a fun activity for your students, such as a school-wide St. Patrick’s Day parade, and incorporate wristbands as a way to organize students by class or by grade. Grade school students adore our shimmering and shiny wristbands, available in festive green and gold. If you are going to have adult or parent chaperones volunteering at your school parade, make sure they are properly identified with wristbands that match the students’ wristbands. You can customize your green and gold Tyvek®, vinyl, plastic, or silicone wristbands by imprinting a celebratory message on the wristband surface like, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” “Kiss me I’m Irish,” or “#1 Leprechaun.” Your students will be thrilled to wear a fun, custom wristband and will save it as a timeless souvenir from your special St. Patrick’s Day parade to be remembered forever.


You can also order custom silicone wristbands featuring line art of miniature four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, and a special St. Patrick’s Day messages. Host a four-leaf clover hunt and reward students who find four-leaf clovers with a trendy and fashionable silicone wristband. There may not be a plethora of four-leaf clovers to locate on your school field or quad, but you can order some online and plant them beforehand, prior to the start of the hunt. Or, if this activity is too complicated for the younger children you are responsible for, place leprechaun dolls or gold-coin candies out in the field and have your students find them for the reward of a green silicone wristband. Kids love to wear wristbands as a bragging right to their peers. Wristbands serve as excellent conversation starters for youth who will love sharing to others why they are wearing a bright and comfortable silicone wristband.

Whether you are managing a bar, restaurant, or school yard, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you only have a little time left to prepare for the festivities. Some stock wristbands ship the very next business day after ordering, and can add color and organization to any St. Patrick’s Day event!

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