Pit Pass Wristbands: The Ultimate Fan Experience

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From Monster Jam to Supercross to NASCAR, the ultimate fan experience is a pit pass. Pit passes come with a lot of perks! Here are a few of the possible fringe benefits:

  • Meet drivers
  • Chat with the pit crew
  • See vehicles up close
  • Take photographs
  • Get autographs
  • Tour the garage and pit area

Pit passes are an exclusive commodity. An effective and fun way to ensure that only those people who purchased pit passes have access to the area is distributing pit pass wristbands. Not only do they enhance security efforts, but pit pass wristbands are also an effective branding device and can serve as a keepsake of a memorable event.


Pit pass wristbands are not plain wristbands that can be purchased at a party store. When racing fans purchase pit passes wear pit pass wristbands, security can quickly identify who is and is not allowed in the restricted pit areas. Pit pass wristbands come in blue, yellow or red, and are imprinted with racing flags and the words, “Pit Pass”. They are also serial numbered. Or, if you’re on a limited time schedule, checkered wristbands work as pit passes too.  All of these attributes add an extra layer of security, preventing counterfeiters from gaining access to the restricted pit.


Custom printing adds yet another layer of security. The date and name of the race can be imprinted right on the wristband. By doing so, only people wearing pit pass wristbands with the correct date will get through security. After all, pit passes are an exclusive, private party. No crashers allowed!

Pit pass wristbands can be customized with event logos and sponsor logos. Not only does custom imprinting add a bit of flair and fun to pit pass wristbands, but it also helps promote the racing event and build fan loyalty. Racing fans are likely to have such a exciting time that they might just wear their pit pass wristbands for days or weeks after the race. A little bragging never hurt anyone, right? Pit pass wristbands become a walking mini billboard. Friends, family, co-workers and even strangers in line at the grocery store will have their curiosity peaked. Questions will be asked and the live testimonials will begin! Word of mouth is a highly effective advertising tool that pit pass wristbands have the power to invoke.


Interested in getting the minimal cost of pit pass wristbands covered? Or, maybe even make a profit? Sell advertising space right on the pit pass wristbands. Sponsorships are huge in the racing world. Pit pass wristbands provide an effective way for sponsors to reinforce their brand and messaging repeatedly. Every time a fan takes a sip of the beverage in their hand, they get a glimpse of the logo or promotion imprinted on the pit pass wristband they are wearing. How many sips does it take to finish a beverage? Lots!


You can also imprint a website address or QR (quick response) code on pit pass wristbands. Encourage racing fans to “check in” on Facebook, or link the QR code to a special offer, like getting a free gift or discount at a sponsor’s store. With social media as rampant as it is these days, you will quickly gain Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers. Invite fans to take action. They will! When fans take action, the race event, racers and sponsors reap the rewards. Fan base grows, purchases increase, and profits being to soar.


Another great “action” idea is to imprint a coupon right on the pit pass wristband. Some examples of coupons might be “Buy a 2-liter of X, get a bag of X free” or “Show us your wristband and get 20% off”. If fans wear their pit pass wristband for a week or so, they will continuously be reminded to make the purchase and are more likely to do it than if it were a coupon on a flyer or back of a ticket stub.

Whether getting a pit pass is a once in a lifetime event for a racing fan, or a regular hobby, pit pass wristbands serve as a keepsake to put in a scrapbook or a box of thrilling memories. With the date and racing event imprinted on the pit pass wristband, they will always be able to recall the exciting moment when they shook their favorite race car driver’s hand, got up close and personal with the winning race car’s engine, or chatted it up with one of the mechanics.

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