Rockin’ Rio – A Massive, Cashless Event Improves Safety & Provides Convenience

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Fans at Las Vegas’ Rockin’ Rio loved the RFID Wristband program titled “rock cash” that transformed everyone’s wrists into wallets! Attendees were able to leave their cash and credit cards behind and enjoy the festival without having to worry about their money getting misplaced or stolen. More and more festivals – large and small – are catching on to the beneficial boost RFID wristbands bring to the table. Plus, they’re a fun souvenir for attendees to take home and wear after the event as a bragging right to their friends. That means free advertisement on thousands of wrists! 

story originally featured on, published May 7, 2015

Rock in Rio is a 30-year-old event which began in Brazil with a who’s who of rock — Queen, AC/DC, Yes and Iron Maiden headlined the inaugural event. The second one, in 1991, broke a record for largest paying audience ever: 198,000 fans attended to see A Ha’s classic, “Take On Me.” The next one cemented its status as a national event, hosting REM, Oasis, Sting and Neil Young in 2001. In Lisbon in 2004, Rock in Rio was kicked off by Paul McCartney. This year’s event will be split between “rock weekend” on Friday and Saturday, and “pop weekend” on the 15th and 16th.


The entire music festival is a cashless event, meaning exactly what you think that means. They truly embraced 21st century tech for the event, taking advantage of the RFID wristbands each attendee is issued.

It’s simple, actually — after receiving your tag, you go to Rock in Rio’s website, where it is registered and you make an account. After that, you purchase “rock cash” (where $1 USD is the same as 1 rock cash), and pay with your wrist for the entire night.

That way, your wristband is your ticket and your wallet, should be safer than carrying around your wallet with cards and money.

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