30,000 Coachella Fans ‘Live Click’ using RFID Wristband

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Organizers of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival have revealed that an online audience of over 30 million was added last month when over 30,000 fans registered to ‘Live Click’ around the festival site. Using just their RFID wristbands, registered ticket holders were able to check in and update their status on Facebook – a global first for the technology and festival worlds on this scale.

The system, developed by Intellitix, used various touch points (portals) positioned at key areas around the festival site during both weekends. Additionally, RFID entrance portals that validated each wristband, allowed registered users to automatically check in as they arrived. Fans keen to share their experience with friends online signed up to the service when registering their wristbands at Coachella.com.

Intellitix head Serge Grimaux says: “Coachella is renowned for being a frontrunner in the festival industry, and using RFID technology to unite the festival community and the online networks of fans was truly a momentous occasion. The phenomenal response to the Live Click shows how important these new ways of connecting to social media will become.”

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