Bunbury Music Festival to go ‘cashless’ this year

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EDITOR’S NOTE: More and more music festivals are adopting RFID technology to improve the festival attendee experience: 

This story was originally published by Dan Griffin on WLWT.com on February 25th 2016.

The three-day summer music event will toss the tickets for something a little more advanced — high-tech wristbands.

The performers have been revealed, but a new RFID wristband will also be front and center.

“You won’t have a ticket to get into the festival, you’ll have a wristband,” said Marissa Luther, PromoWest Productions Marketing Director. “You load all your money on that wristband in advance, it acts as your credit card, it acts as your ticket, you can go in and out of the festival, you pay for everything with your wristband.”

The wristbands will look like a bracelet with a small square-shaped chip that will allow Bunbury to go “cashless,” Luther said.

“Last year it was largely delayed because people were backed up, couldn’t get into the festival, so anything that speeds that up I think people are all about technology,” said Tim Allen. “The people you’re talking about, the audience the target audience, they’re all over technology.”

Luther said people can also add cash to the devices at kiosks. She said vendors will be able to process the chips with special equipment requiring your signature.

PromoWest said they wristband is waterproof, but if it’s lost or damaged, it won’t work and will need to be replaced.

Luther said customer service can also help with taking care of any unauthorized charges, if those were to happen.

Organizers said after the festival, the wristband is worthless and can’t be used for any information again.

“I would have no concerns about that, I think it would be a great advantage,” said Allen.

If you’re wondering what happens to the money you don’t spend, Luther told us the balance will be refunded as a credit on your card or mailed to you in a check.

PromoWest said they’ll also be using this technology at two other festivals this year, including Buckle-Up in Blue Ash later this summer.

In other changes, there will be three entrances to help with lines.

Also, organizers said they’ll also allow sealed bottled water and empty containers at the entrances.

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