Coachella is Where Hipsters Collide with High Tech

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Tech is in! Gone are the days of counterfeiting or sneaking into music festivals with fake tickets or wristbands. Using RFID wristband technology, Coachella promoters saved a ton in revenue. Guests are required to wear their RFID wristbands upon entrance, and scan them at the entrance gates. If the wristband is a fake, the RFID reader will not scan the band and the unpaid attendee will not be allowed to enter. Smart technology can’t be fooled by “look alike” or “copy cat” wristbands. Sorry party crashers – your lucky days have come to an end!  

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There is a festival where selfie sticks are prohibited, the transportation from the parking lot to the festival costs over $60, and VIP bungalows are priced at $7000. People use flowers in their hair and golden paintings on their faces, there are vegan and gluten-free meals for those who want them, and at every corner art installations and lighting effects turn a piece of desert in the surreal musical event that everyone has heard of.

It is Coachella, an epic festival which is divided over two weekends and is held outside of Indio, California, with a very interesting line-up that blends rock’s biggest names, such as AC/DC and Steely Dan, with recent bands like Bad Suns and wonders of rap filled with controversy, like Drake and Azealia Banks.

One of the most surprising things at Coachella is how little diversity is found in people, despite the musical variety – there are six stages simultaneously for all tastes – and the art and creative atmosphere experienced there. It is basically a festival attended by young people with lots of money to spend.

Coachella may be known by the young festival-goers as the place where hipsters collide with celebrities, it’s about much more than that. In terms of tech, for example, Coachella is also a big deal. RFID wristbands were a hit in the 2013 edition, while last year Apple launched its iBeacon tech. Last but not least, art is much engraved in Coachella’s DNA – something that this year’s edition still maintains, with several magnificent sculptures, some of which with a great deal of high-tech.

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