RFID Wristbands Shorten Lines at Margarita Fest

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EDITOR’S NOTE: How awesome is this? RFID wristbands are changing the way event planners think about the guest experience. Attendees at this year’s Margarita Fest in Tampa, FL are able to load up their RFID wristbands with funds to get their tasty sips of summer quicker than ever! With 11,000 attendees – promoters will be happy to know their revenue is protected and transferred immediately to their account. 

Story originally featured on BayNews9.com,  published May 22, 2015

For the first time a Bay area festival is using cashless technology.

People going to Margarita Fest in Tampa will use a wristband to get into the event and pay for all their drinks. Workers are busy transforming Curtis Hixon Park into a margarita lover’s paradise.

This is the third year Big City Events is putting on the margarita festival. Event producers say this year some new wristband technology will cut down on the long lines.

“The number one complaint has been for three years now we’ve been doing this event, is the lines, lines and the lines,” and Ferdian Jap with Big City Events.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) wristband will be your ticket into Margarita Fest, with a swipe of your hand at the gate. It’s also used to buy drinks.

“You wear the wristband on your right hand and when you need to add more cash to it you come up to a charging station and tap it on the reader.”

A company called Intellitix makes the cashless technology. It’s been used at other big festivals around the world.

Big City Events says this will be the first time the RFID wristbands will be used at a Bay area festival.

Big City Events says last year Margarita Fest sold out of general admission tickets. Organizers expanded their capacity to 11,000 for this Saturday’s event.

The wristband should help all those people get their drinks faster. You can preload money onto your wristband through a website before the event starts or load it up at the festival with cash or credit.

General admission tickets for Margarita Fest are $25 at the gate. The event goes from noon until 11 p.m. on Saturday.

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