Bar Code Wristbands Cut Down Lines and Waiting Times at Midland County Fair

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Bar code wristbands are an effective and inexpensive way for organizations of all types to get guests in quicker, save revenue by preventing counterfeiting, and boost the overall guest experience. Event attendees can print bar codes from their own laser printers at home, and exchange them for wristbands at the event. How convenient is that! Read the full story below: 

story originally published on, published Aug. 14, 2015

With a few food booths and thrill rides already in place and the 4-H animals scheduled to arrive on Sunday, the Midland County Fair is preparing to once again draw thousands of residents for a week-long adventure.

The Midland County Fair is open for business Sunday at noon, with free entertainment at the grandstand provided by the gospel group The Calvarymen. Fair royalty will be determined on Saturday in the Glover Arena. The gates open daily at 10 a.m.

Fair Manager Trish Steele is in her third year of organizing the event, and says something as large-scale as the Midland County Fair comes with inherent challenges.

“It’s very similar,” Steele said, comparing the fair this year to last year. “We’re always trying to improve upon what we have to offer. That’s the challenge, keeping up with the times and presenting the facility in the best way.”

There are going to be a few differences this year that visitors will enjoy, Steele added, along with the traditional favorites that keep people coming back to walk the midway or visit the grandstand.

“They are expecting to have a couple different thrill rides,” Steele said about North American Midway Entertainment. “We were fortunate to have North American service us. They are a very high quality provider.”

Thrillseekers can also find a deal by going to the Midland County Fairgrounds website at and printing off a barcode for an all-day, unlimited-ride wristband for $20. The barcodes can be taken to any ticket booth to be exchanged for the wristband.

The wristbands must be purchased before the opening day of the fair. Wristbands sold at the fair are $25.

“It’s much more value than last year, with the a.m. and p.m. sessions,” Steele said.

le to serve our Great Lakes Bay community with all that we have to offer.”

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